Monday 21 August 2017
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Celebrities Who Were Formerly Lorry Drivers

Have you ever wondered what Aragon did prior to ruling Middle Earth? Or how about James Bond before he got his Aston Martin to drive in with its ejecting seat?

No, you haven’t?

Well, fair enough then. Why would you, after all?

Of course, since this is an HGV-based site, then you most likely know where this is headed (plus the title of articles pretty much gives it away).

The following are some famous celebrities who were formerly lorry drivers prior to being famous.

Charles Bronson


In the film The Great Escape, he dug tunnels and unleashed vigilante style justice against his enemies during the Death Wish movies. He was the dirtiest of them all in The Dirty Dozen. Prior to all of those things, Bronson worked in the army as a truck driver during World War Two. He was awarded a purple heart due to the injuries he suffered in his line of duty during the war.

Sean Connery


The original Agent 007 might have gone on to obtain a licence to kill, however prior to all of that, the star from Scotland got his licence for driving large lorries, after his time serving in the Royal Navy during the 1950’s.

This job ran in his family. His dad had also worked as a lorry driver in his native country of Scotland.

Viggo Mortenson

He is well-known for being the man who would be King, and for leading the band of Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits (along with Gandalf, his bearded Wizard friend) in the epic tale Lord of the Rings. However, prior to all of the buckling of swashes and bashing of Orcs, Mortenson was a long distance lorry driver. As a young student during the 1980s he hauled goods around from his native country of Denmark.

Liam Neeson


In the movie Taken he informed the world in rather famous fashion that he possessed a ‘particular set of skills.’ However, we aren’t sure if that was a reference to his abilities for handing a forklift truck that he acquired from working at Guinness. So yes, Qui Gon Jinn worked to earn a few beer tokens moving around Ireland’s Black Gold during his student days. Rumors that his licence was received from Yoda remain unconfirmed.

James Cameron


When he was a young film maker during the early 1970’s director Steven Spielberg made Duel, his truck driver thriller movie. However James Cameron, another movie legend, went even better than that and was a genuine truck driver during his younger days. The legend is that the man who would produce such block buster hits as Avatar, Titanic and The Terminator would actually write scripts while on shift where he moved goods over the highways of the U.S.

Elvis Presley


Perhaps Viggo Mortenson was King of Middle Earth, however when it comes to Rock-n-Roll there is only one king. Prior to becoming a rock and roll immortal, the young Elvis Presley paid his dues by working as a lorry driver in the American South. During the 1950’s while still behind the wheel working at Crown Electric Service, he got the big break he had been waiting for from the famous Sun Studios. However, he was informed by some misguided dummies that he should stick with truck driving prior to that.

Any Other Former Lorry Drivers?

I’m sure there are other celebrities out there who are former lorry drivers, all with legitimate training. It definitely do this group any harm since they went onto be Kings of one form or another, Oscar winners, War heroes or suave secret agents.

If it was good enough for them, then it’s good enough for me.