Monday 21 August 2017
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Ways To Get Your Staff To Bond


Getting a staff to bond can mean the difference between smooth communications and inconsistent communication. People tend to work better with people they have developed a relationship with. The reasoning behind this is people who know each other know how to ask a person to do something. Insensitive management that doesn’t develop a relationship with staff and demands things in rude ways can be seen as a tyrant. The last thing a manager wants is for the staff to bond over the dislike of higher ups in the company. The following are some different ways that you can get your staff to bond.

Providing lunches is something that not every company does. This can be a great way to allow people to bond as they have conversations over their lunch. If lunch is not provided it can be difficult to get people to go to lunch together as some people have different tastes while others bring their lunch from home. Setting up some type of game in the breakroom can be a great way to unwind and forget about the pressures of the day. Encouraging conversation that spans across departments is important as each department will have to interact at one point or another.

Company sports leagues are a great way to bond among your staff. These games can lead to dinners and even parties afterwards in the case of winning the game. There are even leagues that put different office locations against each other or  you can compete against a rival company. Getting company uniforms can be a blast and each staff member can customize their own. Uniforms and athletic gear can be purchased from Eastbay at a low price as Groupon now carries coupons for that store that are updated daily.

As you can see there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to getting staff to bond. When having any type of bonding activity it is important to treat everyone as people rather than staff. As a manager it is important to humanize yourself to the staff. Otherwise they might just look at you as an emotionless pawn send by the board to impose their will on the staff. What are some things that you do to bond in your office?